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These are the types of caps available and a ball park idea of cost.

The final cost will vary because of style, type of metal used, design, difficulty on installation. However, we give a firm price before any work is done. Prices include installation.

Chimney Cap single flue w priceCap Types











Above – The most simple, least expensive style. Single flue cap. Keeps out rain and animals, but doesn’t protect the top of the chimney. Does not work if you have two fireplaces sharing one chimney.


Light cap stainlessCap Types


Above – ¬†Minimal style. If you don’t want to call attention to the chimney. Covers the entire top of the chimney, so it will help preserve the bricks and mortar from weather damage. This cap is stainless steel, but most people choose black. These generally run from $199 and up.

Chimney Cap Hip Roof Atlanta

Above – Maximum Coverage. This cap actually comes down over the top row of bricks to almost completely stop weather aging. This one has a peaked roof. These are from $499 up depending on all the factors previously mentioned.

After this, you can get as creative as you like. If you have seen something you like around town, we can make it if we can see it.

Atlanta Copper Cap


Ridged Cap Atlanta













chimney cap atlanta





Copper Shroud