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Why Homes Need Custom Chimney Caps

Maybe you like having squirrels in your living room.  What do I know?  If so, then definitely don’t look at custom chimney caps.

Maybe you like the idea of the top of your chimney rapidly deteriorating to the point where bricks start falling off. If so, then why would you get a decorative chimney cover?

Multi Flue Chimney Caps

Maybe you like the idea of rain falling down into your fireplace, getting all the ashes wet and making the whole house smell like a burned down house. If so, then you have no reason in the world to get a multi flue chimney cap.

Maybe you like the idea of water coming down the sides of your chimney and getting under the shingles and causing not only roof rot, but leaks into your house. If so, then whatever you do, don’t  have a Custom Metal Chimney Cap made and installed.

custom chimney caps

Here’s what a squirrel can do after he gets into your house.

Perhaps you like the idea of having thousands of dollars of damage done to your house so that the value drops and you lose money when you go to sell.  In that case, you never want to call for a check on your Chimney Crowns and Caps.

Custom chimney caps are one of the easiest ways to keep your home safe from wild animals, to retain the value, to prevent damage to the exterior and the interior.

When someone pulls up to your house, what do they see? Scraggly looking pipes sticking out the top of your chimney chase, or Custom Chimney Shrouds.

Custom Chimney Caps as needed as your roof?

Decorative Chimney Caps are just as much a part of your house as the roof. The roof keeps out the elements from your living room. So why do you leave a giant gaping hole sticking up to the sky? You let in critters from your yard and the sky. They are free to come and go as they please, or worse, come into the house and tear up your beautiful drapes.

You do have choices of course. Custom Aluminum Chimney Caps are good for an everlasting finish. You probably would love Custom Copper Chimney Caps, since they are the crown jewel of Decorative Custom Chimney Caps.

Custom Chimney Caps are a must if you love your home!

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