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Small Chimney Caps

Many times when deciding whether to put a chimney cap on or not, price is the main consideration. Chimney Caps Atlanta has many different ways to approach this.

The price is almost always a function of how big the cap has to be. To cover only the flue, just the opening itself, we can install a prefabricated chimney cap that is just the right size for your flue.

Custom Made Chimney Caps

The next larger type is still a pre fabricated cap, but it will be a multi flue chimney cover for when you have two fireplaces or a vent flue. Also, sometimes you want to protect the chimney crown from rain, sunlight, and wind.  This type of chimney cap is a very good in between choice…between a small premade cap and a full sized custom chimney cap. Atlanta has weather that is harsh enough to destroy a chimney over time. This type of cap may be a little as half the cost of a full coverage custom chimney cap, which is really a good alternative since it can give about 95% of the protection.

Single Flue Chimney Caps

Single flue chimney caps come already assembled are are designed to work in most of the standard sizes of chimney flue openings. These come in size choices for anywhere from 17” x 17” down to 8” x 8” openings . They are the easiest to install, as well as being your most inexpensive option if your goal is to prevent animals and rain from getting in your chimney. Available in stainless steel or even cooper, this is an unusual choice. Since the original idea was to save money, and since they aren’t really designed to add a lot to the look of a home, it’s not a choice many people make.  That being said, stainless steel may be what you need. if you burn the chimney a lot, then  the stainless does a great job at resisting rust and acid  corrosion from the smoke and soot.

Plain Chimney Screens

Lowest on the totem pole are chimney screens. We can install only screen on the flue pipe opening. We cut large mesh screen to a special shape and fix it in place with some cement. Also available are pre-fab screen boxes. They have a cube shape and fit like a single flue chimney cap, though they have no lid, only mesh.


If you are going to install a screen yourself, then be very careful about this:  Never use window screen on a chimney. The holes are tiny and will clog up immediately when you light a fire. The smoke will pour into the room, and you’ll be trying to figure out why.

You should only use what’s called “hardware cloth” for this purpose. Hardware cloth is the kind of screen you see at the bottom of some old screen doors. It has much larger holes. 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch holes won’t allow the smoke to clog, or for leaves to stay on top and possibly block the chimney.

The best idea is to call the pros and let us do it.

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